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the one that got away

I fell in love with you the first time we met, I still see the picture, it’s a beautiful memory stuck in my head, I tried to move on but I couldn’t get away, I don’t know the spell that you’ve put on me  my love for you will never fade away.

how can i move on if you are the only one I see, you’re that one flower in the garden I picked, you are the first and last thought in my mind every morning and every night, always there in my thoughts whether am awake or I’m dreaming , I may be sick, hurt and broken, one thought of you then I’m awoken, full of hope and full of glory, to me you’re amazing, you’re more than holy, that’s why my heart beats for you my one and only.

I fell in love with you the first time I saw you, even though you never saw me and your heart doesn’t know me, like a ghost, I am lonely with nothing but a memory, watching you with your honey. you’re the one that got away, these are the words I couldn’t say, I was afraid to ask you to stay, now am sitting here looking at the star with nothing but a story,…

I ruined my chances, future me I am Sorry!.

Written by The Poetik Wolf
Artwork by 


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