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man of many face

The illusion faded as his mask fell and his true face was revealed, the people were puzzled but the man was more surprised as the face on the mask was the only one he had ever known, due to the fear to be alone from birth he wore a mask to hide his own, like a clone he changed his tone and at that time an illusion was born, the illusion nurtured his delusion with time he forgot who he was.
Don’t mistake my tell for a judgment, it’s not his fault he was born from resentment, he was misunderstood so he became what they wanted, he was different and unique now he’s like everyone else.
Every time we put on the mask of deception we end up deceiving ourselves, the lies we tell end up being our reality, mostly those that we tell ourselves. Always be yourself and let people see you for who you really are because at the end of the day the only recognition that matters is yourself.

Written by The Poetik Wolf
Paint by  Juliana Kolesova

Quote of The Day

a man with many faces has none to call his own

Every time we put on the mask of deception we end up deceiving ourselves


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