The Poetic Wolf

life can only be describe as poetry, We are supposed to live it but in all that we do, living is the last thing that we. In life we are born, before we starting living we first have to learn to see, and see we do as we stare in the ugliness of the world, We don’t know yet the words to express our deception all we do is what we are able at that moment,CRY.
A mother that is beat,starved and warned, left alone to raise her mistake that she call her hope,her savior,debo pour dire de bonne chose, the only good thing in her life, her rain in the desert, her promise of a better future,so she thinks. Hope my have everything he needs to survive so mother gives the little of nothing she has,”One day you will grow tall and strong, you will hunt for me, you will feed me, you will pay me back what am owned”….
The Poetic wolf, is a wolf that can’t bite because he was born without teeth… or Something who cares

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Little flame Child

Little flame

The little flame of mine that came in my life when I was in the dark, like a spark that ignited in my mind, an

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is love just poetry

Love poetry

Is love just poetry? nothing but a dream, one mind’s twisted delusion nothing but the oldest life’s illusion. I heard that love is in my

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humanity united

Together We are God

One drop doesn’t make an ocean, one man can’t change the fate in motion, unity is the notion, we can make the impossible possible, all

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Together we our God, We form the light and create darkness, we make peace and create wars, we the human race do all that