I am all and nothing at the same time , it depends from what eyes i reflect from, so take a look and make your own conclusion as far as I’m concerned am all i need to be, perfect with all my flaws . My hand act as a scribe who writes all that my heart comprehend but my mind can not express. I am who i am, ever so flawed so don’t expect me to be perfect, I may not shine like the sun but like the moon i reflect, with all my flaws, with all my imperfections, like the moon i do what i can to bring a little light in the lives of people around me.

My purpose in Life

My purpose in life is to build myself into the best version of myself that i could ever be, to work hard till i get to the point where I can help others to achieve their dreams and also be able to reach their best version of themselves and be able to help others,.. And the cycle continues.