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Words my mouth could not say but my heart could express
Who to Be : Battle of The Mind

Who to Be : Battle of The Mind

  • December 07, 2019
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This is story is a mental struggle between myself and two other inner voices(head voices) with different views on where two live my life by my own rules or to choose to stay slave to society, a good sheep that for the shepherds, the figures of authority in my life blindly.

Who to Be: Battle of The Mind

Me: From the day we were born our lives were really not ours, Even now our choice are limited by what society allows us, Our masters kept us on a leash Things like free will and free speech were left out of reach,

Our masters : nothing is free dummy!

Me: they say to me,

Our masters : we put food on the table and shoes on your feet!

Me: From that moment I left the womb it was clear that nothing belonged to me, their dreams became my dreams, their decisions became my mission, and their faith became my reason. they instructed me what to think and what to fee, l who to love and who to hate, their enemies became my enemies

judged and exiled from my life without a trial, I was taught what’s what and who’s who, On some points we could ask questions And on others there was no debate.

Head voice 1: society, your masters as you call them are not as evil as you make them, they are your friends, they are your families, so stop seeing them as anomalies, they raised you and paid all your fees, under the wings they shielded you from catastrophes and through all that you never had to say please.

Me: I see your point, father and mother am sorry to disappoint, my distrust was disproved and destroyed, it’s true that with you by my side all was gained and nothing was lost.

Head voice 2: nothing was lost, nigga please! all their good grace comes at a cost, and their love and affection comes with conditions, the price of their illusions is submission, defiance is not an option unless you’re ready for their wrath and condemnation, you have to behave and stay in your place.

Me: maybe your right, a bird that lived his whole life in a cage thinks that flying is a disease, if I don’t rebel I will never be released, the only life I will be able to live will be the one that they permit, what do I do, should I go astray and find my way or should I submit and accept defeat, after all I might be wrong, they told me that the leash was for my safety and the lashes on my back were out of necessity.

Head voice 1 talking for society : we know better, we have been there before so we know what is ahead, we know what you need so let us take the lead, there is a reason for the rules, copy the existing ones duplicate society, what is easier than that follow the line its safe, a straight rope meets no obstacles and with a group cheering calling you to blend in don’t you need society support? fuck who you want to be what is the purpose to be someone with no one here to see that?

Me: maybe they are right

Head voice 2: no they are not, how about your wants your goals your liberty? what will be your legacy? I know your masters are almost everyone in your entourage, Your society but when will your own desires become a priority After all its your life and your destiny.

Me: What to do, they are many I am one, I don’t know what to do, They have already won!

Head voice 2: Says who? Of course it’s not over, They haven’t yet won, There is still a chance Let you colors shine Let them see who you are, That’s how you win, Be yourself And leave the rest to mother nature

Me: you are right

Scenario : I choose Head voice 2 and Chase Head voice 1 :

We no longer need you You are just somebody that we used to know, You have outlived your usefulness, Now you’re just holding us back, So you have to go.

Me & Head voice 2: You are the one that kept me silent, When we were being oppressed, Today I will live my life, I’m done with all your crap, Mr. nice is long forgotten, I am going to speak my mind, From now on I come first.

Written by The Poetik Wolf
Collaborated by Maeva & Anaice, Two Upcoming amazing poets
ArtWork from gsfdcy

Quote of The Day

a bird that lived his whole life in a cage thinks that flying is a disease

Birds Born In A Cage Think Flying Is An Illness
Battle of the mind

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